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Finally we are pleased to announce the completion of the work on our debut album. The title of output is "Following the Fool ..." lasting 50 minutes and will contain eight tracks.

Track list:

1) The Pit and the Pendulum (5:28)

2) The ancient code (7:47)

3) In the night of anything (9:10)

4) You are the next (2:09)

5) I will not sleep (4:53)

6) A voice in your head (7:29)

7) Following the fool ... (5:22)

8) Why the war? (7:45)

The work of arranging, recording, mixing and mastering took place at the 3 Fates Recording Studio in Rome and the artistic production has been curated by Paolo Lucini. Thanks go to all members of the band who did their best for the duration of the work, to Paolo "ho tanta sete" Lucini for his professionalism and his experience in this field, thank him also Peroni, Moretti, Menabrea, etc etc etc) and a special thanks to Ugo "Zombie" Vantini (talented drummer of V-meters and Ezra Winston) who lent his experience and his voice, and he shared with us sleepless nights filling them with his infectious joy. Thank Adhiira Art for the graphic design of the cover and booklet of the disc.

We thank all the breweries. The beer was an essential factor for the success of all the work done.

It will be distributed in digital form on iTunes, Amazon, CDbay, Napster to other on-line store. The exact date of release will be communicated as soon as possible.

It 'been a long, we encountered many difficulties and misfortune watched constantly by our side but eventually they relented us.

After a short rest for summer, the Following the Fool organize some dates for the presentation of the album and work on new material.

Stay tuned it's not over here!!

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Fate is against us ...


... and also seasonal flu. This week the work of "Why the war?" did not go ahead because seasonal flu hit Paolo Lucini. From next Monday resume work in studio.



Stay tuned!!

Written by Administrator Thursday, 14 February 2013 16:09


"Why the war?" work in progress


This evening meet again at 3 Fates Recording Studio to continue work on the last track of our debut album "Why the war?" . Will be present at the mixing session also Giulio Berrettini, guitarist of FtF, and drummer Ugo Vantini of Vu-meter who with his wit brings 'something' to the work performed by wise and knowing Paolo Lucini, the music producer who is following the entire work on the album.


Stay tuned!!!!

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Who does not hear the voices in his head?


The voice in our head certainly does not say anything good about, listening to yourself in the AUDIO section of the site "A voice in my head." From next week we enter in the final stage of mixing  with the last song "Why the war?".This song  has undergone some changes during the recording sessions compared to how it was originally written.


Stay tuned!!!

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Follow the Fool to audio section


In the AUDIO section of the site you can listen to "Following the Fool ..." in pre-release version. This is the track that gives the album its title.

Happy listening!

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